The Leadership Development Lab


The Leadership Development Lab (LDL) is a distinctive approach to Leadership Development pioneered, developed and refined at the Rotman School of Management since 2010. The LDL is now a part of all graduate MBA programs at the school, and viewed by many of its Alumni as the ‘single-most transformative experience’ of their MBA

At the core of the LDL approach is a learner-centric, real-experience-based pedagogy that is more facilitative than instructional. Distinguishing the study of Leadership from the practice of Leadership Development, the LDL provides aspiring leaders the opportunity to inquire and understand their underlying belief systems under the idea of ‘leadership’ and allow them to adapt, adjust and progress those beliefs to ones more consistent with the demands and desired outcomes of their current or anticipated Leadership context.

Leveraging the decades of experience in leadership practice, research and instruction of its Faculty, the LDL is also able to incorporate the longitudinal insights, progress and feedback of thousands of program participation since its inception leading to continuous refinement and development of the LDL itself.

Curricular Courses

The LDL is offered as core and elective courses to all graduate MBA students at Rotman

RSM2622 – The Leadership Development Lab (LDL)

MEMBA(Morning and Evening MBA): The LDL is offered as a core course to all students and serves as the final collective experience of the 3 year program

FTMBA(Full-Time MBA): The LDL is offered as a second-year elective to interested students in the full-time program

RSM5614 – The Leadership Development Practicum (LDP)

EMBA(Executive MBA): The LDP is offered as a core course to all students

GEMBA(Global Executive MBA): The LDP is offered as a core course to all students

GEMBA-HLS(Global Executive MBA – Health and Life Sciences): The LDP is a core course offered to all students

External Offerings

The LDL also offers the LDL externally to interested individuals and organizations. In addition to customized approaches that are integrated within an organization’s professional and leadership development system and offerings, The LDL Retreat is a 2-day intensive personal and professional development experience modeled on the LDL’s successful Master’s program offerings. Please contact us if you or your organization is interested

LDL Alumni

For many students that experience the LDL during their MBA program, those experiences are just the beginning of ongoing personal and professional development inspired by the insights and approaches of the LDL. Although founded and self-managed by the alumni themselves, the LDL and LDL faculty are supportive and regularly serve as guest faculty for some of these Alumni events. To contact and get involved as an LDL Alumni, please contact the LDL*C (the LDL Continuing Community)